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The Miami fronton underwent a big renovation in the mid s, partly to accommodate an expanded grandstand since the 7, seats of the old grandstand weren't enough anymore. Once you have mastered the basics of pari-mutuel betting , you may want to increase your chances of winning by learning to use some of the more advanced betting strategies. You only get paid if they finish in those spots, in the right order. Wonderful liquor soaked nights spent in a haze of blue smoke at that fronton. Betting on Jai Alai in the United States

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Fans of the game that enjoy speed and excitement are often naturally attracted to jai-alai betting online. Jai-alai betting online has the potential to make watching jai-alai matches even more exciting and enjoyable.

There are numerous wagers for fans taking part in jai-alai betting online to choose from. Some kinds of wagers for jai-alai betting online are:. A win bet is a simple wager on a player to win a match.

A place bet wagers that a player will finish in first or second place. Show bets wager that a player will finish in first, second or third place. The object of a quiniela bet is to choose two teams that finish in first and second place. Perfecta bets require choosing two teams to finish in first and second place and the order must be correct. These are just a few of many wagers available for jai-alai betting online. At the beginning of a jai-alai match, the pelota is served and must land in a specific area.

The players then catch and return the pelota in a continuous motion. Anyone bet Jai alai? Used to have a local that took action, but he passed away 3 months ago and I've had no luck finding anyone that takes Jai alai bets. Anyone betting on Jai alai these days??????? The handle is atrocious in Florida. The game won't be around much longer, sadly. It's not really answering your question, but I went to college in Central Florida and the step-father of one of my professors was a pro Jai Alai player.

The professor told many stories about his step Dad fixing matches in the '70s and '80s and the mafia having covert ownership of the frontons. That was a long time ago, of course, but I've never heard anything about the mafia being kicked out of jai alai, and the stories were enough to convince me to stay away from the game. Originally Posted by Ian.

Originally Posted by Doug. Originally Posted by big0mar. Used them a few times and now they wont take my jai alai bets. There have some incidents of fixing from long ago. There is no chance of fixing jai alai now What the hell is Jai alai?

That's the best I can do. ToteBet wasn't something I liked, and if they limit jai alai winners, I can't roll with that. Unfortunately, I've never known a local or anywhere online that gets involved with jai alai. I once went to the fronton 31 days in a row; one of the best months of my life. I wish I lived within 15 minutes of live jai alai. Ball has been clocked mph. I can watch Jai Alai without betting on it unlike a horse or dog race.

Originally Posted by ryanjep. Jones Find latest posts by Mr. First saw jai alai at the Tampa Fronton back in the mid '60's. Wonderful liquor soaked nights spent in a haze of blue smoke at that fronton. The smell of fine Cuban cigars would permeate the air. Had the feel of being in Havana in there. Mostly hot local Cuban girls would circulate in the crowd taking your bets. An experience for a youg kid to treasure in those days.

Plenty of classy hookers too, some of whom you might find at Rick Casares' Huddle Lounge further north on Dale Mabry later in the night.