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Elliott with some tough runs. For regular season games only, beginning with Week 3 of , the record for each team was added to the box, making the team abbreviations of each team smaller. After two years of using the unconventional layout, for , a more traditional FoxBox was introduced; team abbreviations in the team's primary color are stacked on the left side of the box, with timeout lights positioned underneath each team abbreviation, and a possession indicator to the left of it. Not only was it the event that placed Fox on a par with the "Big Three" broadcast networks, but it also ushered in an era of growth for the NFL, which continues on largely to this day. Patriots' first-round pick Sony Michel expected to make his NFL debut today, back from a knee injury, per league source. Quick Links

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‘Eagles MVP’: Aussie shines despite SB champs’ horror day

Elliott's 6-yard TD run cushions Cowboys' lead. This team accepted the challenge Cowboys QB Dak Prescott speaks about accepting the challenge from the Giants and how it wasn't just him, but the whole team. Zeke on long drive: Eli 'confident' in the Giants Eli Manning says he's confident in himself and his teammates, but everyone needs to play on the same page.

Eli flabbergasted after sack Cowboys DT Antwaun Woods swarms in to sack Eli Manning, who is left puzzled as he gets up for the next play. Shurmur senses confidence from Manning Giants coach Pat Shurmur iterates multiple times that he's seen confidence from Eli Manning and that team needs to get better. Eli takes a huge hit from Smith Eli Manning takes off on 3rd and goal after finding no one to pass to and Jaylon Smith stops Eli in his path with a huge hit.

Prescott finds Austin for yard TD Dak Prescott drops a pass deep to Tavon Austin, who breezes into the end zone to complete a yard play.

Cowboys Manning, offensive line make Giants' weapons obsolete. Cole makes one-handed circus catch, follows it with TD. Jaguars put game in Blake Bortles' hands and he delivers with a win The Jaguars improved to after their quarterback played the best game of his career in a crucial home win against the Patriots. Bortles outperforms Brady with yards, 4 TDs Blake Bortles has a big day throwing for yards and 4 touchdowns in a win over the Patriots.

Jags' defense is capable of more Jaguars defensive end Calais Campbell is pleased with Jacksonville's defensive effort vs. Brady says he had a 'bad day' vs.

If we don't hurt ourselves, we can win every game Blake Bortles reacts to the Jaguars' win over the Patriots and says that if they don't make mistakes, they have a chance to win every game. Westbrook's yard TD seals the game for Jags Dede Westbrook breaks loose for a yard touchdown, sealing the win over the Patriots. Clark hails Bortles' performance against Patriots Ryan Clark praises Blake Bortles' ability to lead the Jaguars to victory with Jeff Saturday adding that the Jags acted like the better team.

Bortles throws 3rd TD seconds before half Blake Bortles connects with Austin Seferian-Jenkins on a 4-yard touchdown to give the Jaguars a lead seconds before the half. Patriots' D takes a big step back in loss to the Jaguars. Week 2 fantasy football winners and losers It was another week dominated by the quarterbacks, as Patrick Mahomes and Ryan Fitzpatrick continued their record-setting starts to the season. Mahomes dominates Steelers with 6 TD passes.

Mahomes picked the Steelers apart Jeff Saturday reacts to Patrick Mahomes' 6-TD performance against the Steelers and finding the right player in each situation. Mahomes says 'possibilities are endless' for Chiefs offense Patrick Mahomes talks up all the options the Chiefs have on offense. Conner almost pulls off OBJ-like catch James Conner hauls in a one-handed catch on the sideline, but is unable to keep his second foot inbounds.

Try a mock draft Mock Draft Now. Privacy Policy Read the Latest. In , in observance of the holiday season , Christmas lights returned to the FoxBox along the sides of the graphic, but they no longer correspond to timeouts.

When a team scores, calls a timeout or gets called on a penalty, the lights change from red, green and blue to the corresponding team's color for the duration of the graphic, before returning to the normal colors. The graphics package itself is similar to the previous look, however with a more boxy appearance, and the fonts used are rounder and have less of an athletic appearance than previous packages used by Fox. The layout of the score box is essentially a mirror image of the already-introduced MLB graphic, except that the NFL version is on the top-left of the screen, while the baseball version was originally on the bottom-left it was moved to the bottom-right beginning in Like the MLB graphic, the box has two components: The main box contains the team abbreviations, stacked on top of the team scores.

The possession indicator is a line above the team holding the ball; timeout indicators, which are counting downward, are stacked next to the scores.

This unconventional layout of displaying the scores also used in and is only used for NFL coverage; college football and MLB coverage use the traditional layout with the team abbreviations to the left of the scores.

The dynamic strip normally shows the next down that will occur, such as "3rd Down". It changes to show down and distance and the play clock, and turns yellow if a flag is thrown. For a penalty, the main box shows the logo of the offending team, while the dynamic strip turns yellow and displays the type of penalty. When a timeout is called, the dynamic strip turns to the color of the team taking the timeout and displays "Timeout", while the main box displays the team's logo over a neutral gray background.

After a few seconds, the main box returns to the scores and a small gray box with the team logo appears next to the word "Timeout" in the dynamic strip. For a review or a challenge, the dynamic strip moves from the bottom to the right side of the main box and turns red, displaying whether it is a challenge, an official review, or a scoring review.

When the decision is announced, the strip expands to show the result of the review on a yellow background. After a few seconds, the strip shifts back to the bottom of the main box and if a timeout is charged on a lost challenge, the strip shows the team charged with the timeout. For regular season games only, beginning with Week 3 of , the record for each team was added to the box, making the team abbreviations of each team smaller.

Fox gradually worked elements of a new square-edged graphics package with thinner fonts into secondary situations during the season. This package in white instead of black was used for Fox's Super Bowl LI pregame, halftime, and post game shows, but the game broadcast itself continued to use the package.

However, the translucent shading around the scoreboard was removed for the Super Bowl. Starting on August 27, , after three years of using the unconventional layout from the previous graphics package, a new, traditional score bar was introduced.

The score bug was moved from the top left to across the bottom of the screen and is now horizontal. Additionally, team names are displayed instead of their abbreviations and the clock is located towards the right of the bug and the down and distance is displayed on the far right.

Also, timeout indicators are shown below the team names and the possession indicator, which was originally shown below the team's score through Week 4 of the NFL season , is now shown above the team's score.

When showing stats or player info, the score bug briefly moves to the bottom left of the screen then returns to its previous position. Fox NFL Sunday had been the ratings leader among network pregame coverage from its debut in as it was the only network pregame show at the time to air for one hour prior to kickoff.

The swing in ratings dominance was said to be correlated with the move of original Fox NFL Sunday host James Brown back to CBS, where he had been serving as a play-by-play broadcaster before his jump to Fox in The network's NFL game telecasts have generally posted strong viewership. For the season, in particular, the network's NFL games scored an average rating of With an average U. The game drew an estimated It drew a Three days after the broadcast, the network apologized for the incident.

The Saints fan, Heather Rothstein, was contacted by Maxim and was given a photo shoot that appeared in the men's magazine. During the NFC Championship between the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints at Soldier Field , in a shot taken from the overhead camera angle of the crowd, three Bears fans were seen giving an obscene gesture towards the field. On October 14, , Mike Goldberg who mainly served as an announcer for the network's Ultimate Fighting Championship coverage at that time voluntarily pulled himself from commentating duties for the October 19 Minnesota Vikings — Buffalo Bills game telecast, after engaging in a series of arguments, some laced with profanities, with various Twitter users.

The impetus of Goldberg's response was the heavy criticism that he received on social media for committing verbal gaffes and other issues — including misidentifying and mispronouncing names of players and coaches from both teams — after commentating the October 12 game between the Vikings and Detroit Lions , which was the first time that Goldberg had called an NFL game for Fox.

A spokesperson for Fox Sports said that Goldberg "was quick to apologize for this unfortunate and regrettable situation and understands he made a mistake" and would not call any NFL games for the network for the remainder of the season, as he was originally scheduled to conduct only those two games Tim Brando crossed over from Fox College Football to fill in for Goldberg on the Vikings-Bills broadcast.

Goldberg tweeted that the decision was mutually agreed upon between him and Fox Sports management, stating that he did not want to be "a distraction on the upcoming broadcast". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved August 13, Retrieved April 12, The New York Times.

Retrieved June 22, Retrieved October 22, Retrieved February 13, Something for office workers". Retrieved December 19, Retrieved February 5, Archived from the original on July 23, Retrieved December 15, Archived from the original on Retrieved August 17, Archived from the original on October 3, TV by the Numbers.

Retrieved 25 November Archived from the original on February 9, Links to related articles. Commentator pairings Pro Bowl. Scott Schreer , Songs: Five of the eight divisions in were won by a team that finished in third or fourth place in the division the previous season. Since the team playoff format was adopted in , at least four teams have qualified for the playoffs in every season that were not in the postseason the year before.

With that promise as the backdrop, the harsh reality is the fact that half the league will exit Week 1 with a shot of disappointment. EzekielElliott is in for the dallascowboys TD! And now he's doing backflips too. WR Doug Baldwin knee , will not return. You're really not going to stop the cheetah. CBS Browns Kickoff pic. Fitz to DJax Part 2!