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Expert Picks - Week 2

For more information, please see our Privacy Policy. Follow us on Twitter. US Open leads to international volley over racism. The Cy Young races are both uniquely crowded. WWE Hell in a Cell preview. Patrick Mahomes sets record with 10 passing TDs to start season.

Bills cornerback Vontae Davis retires at halftime. Ryan Fitzpatrick shows up to press conference swagged out. Cubs furious with Willson Contreras for showboating on a double. Orioles tried to extend Manny Machado. Astros call up top prospect Kyle Tucker. That should be more then good enough to see New England claim a remarkable 10th straight AFC East title even though there are some legit concerns over the talent on defense and the offense will have to overcome the loss of wide receiver Julian Edelman for the 1st four games after he received a suspension for PED use.

Head coach Mike Tomlin is in his 12th year as Steelers coach and has a record of overall but has his fair share of detractors as many feel he should own more then one Super Bowl ring. The Jaguars have one of the best defenses in the NFL and should only be better this season as their top players mature and come in with valuable playoff experience this year. The big question mark for Jacksonville continues to be quarterback Blake Bortles and the jury is out on whether he can get Jacksonville to the Super Bowl and win it.

The Chargers finished strong winning 6 of their final 7 games and just missed out on the playoffs. The expectations are high this season for the Chargers and they have a talented roster on both sides of the ball that is capable making some noise in the playoffs.

Defensively, the Chargers finished 15th in total defense last year but we look for them to possibly crack the top 10 this season. Be sure to check out NSAwins. Ag Check out our complete Sportsbook Reviews! English Premier League Betting Odds: Odds to Win Academy Awards: View more Vegas Odds. EA has always strived to give players more control and better responsiveness on the field, and the advancements this year are nice, even if they are only granular in nature.

And in a further step towards emulating actual NFL games, Madden 19 lets you choose a custom celebration after a touchdown or a big defensive play with individual and team-based celebrations. Whether you're performing a simple spike on your own or doing the spoon-to-mouth dance with your team, it gives Madden a more authentic feel.

This is the second year of Madden using EA's Frostbite engine, and it has indeed made strides to make the game look better.

Character models are now more lifelike, while small things like player sweat yes, really , the way bodies crunch and recoil after big hits, sunspots pouring onto the field at dusk, and weather elements like rain and snow get even closer to replicating an actual NFL broadcast.

While the graphics looks better, the physics can still be really weird at times. I saw things like arms bending in ways they absolutely should not, mid-air collisions causing the ball to launch through the air at an angle and speed that makes no physical sense, and balls that disappear into the ground for no reason.

Crowd animations can also be odd at times. The Madden franchise has always been replete with bugs and weirdness, and I tend to agree that this is part of the charm; none of the issues I encountered were enough to completely break the immersion.

Also new in the presentation department are the menus, which now look sleeker and are less cluttered. Madden 19's commentating is a big bright spot. Their banter succeeds thanks to their football acumen, as well as their willingness and ability to emulate real NFL broadcast booths and shoot the breeze on topics like stadium food and Seinfeld references. While Gaudin and Davis turn in excellent performances, the Texas high school commentators from Longshot mode really steal the show with their over-the-top, homer play-by-play calls that left me laughing and wanting more.

Coachman is enthusiastic and fun to listen to, but most Madden players are likely to skip these segments. Madden 19's commentary will be updated on a regular basis with new dialogue lines that reflect what happens in the real NFL once the season kicks off later this month, though it remains to be seen if the commentators will tackle controversial subjects.

One of the deepest modes in Madden 19 is Franchise. Last year's game was frustratingly light on advancements and improvements, but the new Madden thankfully adds more to the mix to give you a different kind of control over shaping your franchise--and the individual players on your team. One of the more notable new features is what's called the Archetype Progression system which adds different styles to positions and lets you continue to build and expand your players over the course of one or multiple seasons.

The XP you earn in games gives you skill points that you can then spend to upgrade one of the archetypes for your player instead of assigning them to specific attributes. This can feel frustrating as it effectively limits the amount of fine control you have to shape your players as specifically as you were able to previously. This might have been done to help balance teams in online play, but whatever the case, it's a bit of a bummer to have that kind of precise control taken away.