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Since joining ESPN in , the former standout NFL quarterback has covered the league from virtually every angle -- sideline reporter, game-site reporter, host and both studio and game analyst. Bubble screens and the like should have a bit more effectiveness though. Only time will truly tell I guess. Dude was a machine last year. Honestly, I would have been OK with any permutation of those three in the top spots.

I've heard good cases for all of them. I think Rodgers got the top spot first because, in addition to being a great passer, he's a dual-threat QB, which really nobody else in the top 10 is. Also, in the conversation of elite QBs he's a relatively new contender and thereby exciting. Also, he is the only one of the three to beat Tebow twice Ah, That would suck.

I truly enjoy watching him pick apart defenses. As long as the Giants aren't playing. I thought that was serious. I never pay attention to IRs. I didn't even know Peyton had any sort of surgery until week one.

Kudos on the good news, and yes, he most certainly does. Rod makes it look a lot easier than Brady does. And he had back to back seasons that were just amazing. Unless Flynn is the second coming of Tebow in Seattle, I'm going to say the Packers had a pretty ok team.

Patriots O line was ranked 3rd to the Packers 11th. I'm not sure you can say the Patriots didn't have a good team with their o-line, welker, the best Tight end in the game today, and one of the best coaches in the history of the NFL. I don't mind the opinion but saying that a QB isn't that good because his 2nd string played one game against one of the worst passing defenses in the nfl is absurd.

Rodgers didn't put up the numbers Flynn put up the first time round. I'm not saying Rodgers sucks or that Brady worked with garbage, but Rodgers need to prove more to be ranked above Brady, for me at least.

A team isn't a record for a team relying on their QB. It's a great team enhanced by a great QB. How about the highest ever passer rating in a single season? I think he's proven enough. I'm saying Rodgers deserves his spot on the list because he did it this past season.

Considering how recent the accomplishment is it's not fair to say that Rodgers needs to prove more. The Packers led the league in takeaways last year. I'll take that for my defense any day of the week.

That's a good point. I do like my takeaways. But what sucks is it's not a given. A good defense will keep a team off the other side of the field, whereas ours pretty much promised they'd be in scoring position every time, but we might just take the ball from them. Much more easily rattled than those guys.

Do you not remember the Giants game last year? Worst case of happy feet I've seen in years. His playoff performances were uneven at best and he only showed up for one quarter of the SB. Pretty much the opposite of E, who, as usual, had his best performances in the biggest games under the most pressure. That NFC title game performance was astounding. Well, by that logic, Brees is the number one QB because he was utterly unflustered by us. Im fine with any one of them being number one, they are all great QBs, I just think Brady proved more to me than Brees or Rodgers.

Yeah, I think Brees is the number one because he is great against pressure, greet deep, great at pretty much everything. If there is a flaw in his game, I am missing it. Rogers I really haven't watched enough to form a full opinion. The Giants game was just a clear example. I have seen that behavior in Brady on numerous occasions. One flaw in Brees's game, and he's faced criticism for it his whole career, is interceptions.

Over his last 4 seasons, his INT rate is 2. I know it doesn't sound like much, but Rodgers INT rate is 1. Of course you're debating between Peyton and Brees for 1st place, so you clearly don't put too much emphasis on this statistic 2.

If we go back to 5 years or entire careers, Brees and Manning both fare even worse 2. Whether or not this difference is big enough to change your perception or rankings is completely subjective, but it is a flaw in their games.

My feelings about interceptions are similar to PFFs. By way of an example, everyone talked about Eli having a bad season in because he threw 25 interceptions. But actually, seven of those bounced off receivers' hands and one was actually caught out of bounds no challenges left. Without even investigating the routes the receivers ran which I clearly remember Nicks doing at least twice , the same young receivers that batted 7 balls in the air, that puts his picks in the middle of the pack at That many receiver batted INTs is a statistical outlier.

That said, I think Brady is very aware of picks and is very rarely intercepted because of a bad throw. The safety he took on his first play of the Super Bowl was a good example of how cautious he is about that. He made sure that ball sailed well over Gronkowski's head.

So much so that he drew a grounding call. OTOH, he should throw fewer picks than Brees because he throws much shorter passes. Per PFF, "In , balls thrown behind the line of scrimmage were intercepted just 1. Between yards, the interception rate went up to 2. From yards, it doubled again to 4. Actually, one thing that really impresses me about Eli is his ability to adjust to receivers running the wrong route and complete passes. That isn't a skill QBs are even really expected to have, but he does it a lot, which was a big part of Victor Cruz's success last year, because Cruz made a lot of such mistakes.

I find that most of my favorite QBs threw a lot of picks. Hey, thanks for the well thought out response. When Eli had 7 balls intercepted off his receivers, his INT rate went up to 4. However, I still have the exact same feelings regarding the INT rate. It just comes down to a matter of preference at that point.

I really don't see a whole lot separating the top five in Jaws' list besides personality. You can see from my list of favorites that I tend to like physically tough gunslingers.

So my favorite is Eli, based on performances like the NFC championship game. Because E could have dealt with the Patriots deficiencies better than Tom could deal with the Giants. Frankly, the Giants had most of the Pats deficiencies for most of last year, plus the worst pass blocking line in the NFL. I'd be interested in knowing when was the last time Brady won a game in which he was sacked six times, knocked down 12 and pressured another six, as E was in SF.

Rodgers had only 6 picks last year, and still a few of them were his receiver's fault. That I totally believe. Rogers is a freak.

I don't talk about him much because I haven't really watched enough to draw my own conclusions. I find the NFL's published stats pretty useless. Football Outsiders is uncomfortably close to the broadcast networks. PFF seems good, but I don't know enough about them to judge, and they seem to be in the business of selling stats, which is not ideal.

Yea you always catch us when our defense is at the lowest point. Because downvotes, feel the need to clarify. I am in no way saying that Flacco is better than Tom Brady. But Brees and Rodgers seemed to have less "off" performances than Tom, hence why I agree that they should be above him for the least year at least. Brady had another pick called back because of a holding call on Webb. Yeah, and my point wasn't anything other than that Tom Brady did have some struggles at some points in the season.

To be fair, Brees didn't do so hot against the Rams that one game, so there is that. I wish I could look back on that AFCCG game from the winning side, though - what an incredibly intense and close game. Vince Wilfork representing sheer dominance; Lardarius Webb, Ed Reed, and Bernard Pollard effectively making Brady look like a normal QB; both coaches with furrowed brows just struggling to make the right call play after play.

I'll concede Rodgers, although I think he is a little overrated. I do, however, take issue with Brees. Brady can make every throw Brees can, but Brees cannot make every throw Brady can.

Yeah, he's definitely taking entire careers and intangibles into account. It's largely considering playoffs. Flacco and Ryan are tied at I didn't notice him all the way down there. Definitely in the same boat as Ryan and Romo. If he can become more consistent in , he will move up in my quarterback rankings. How many Ravens games do you watch? As someone who's followed him for years, I've seen him at his best and I have no problem with that statement.

Flacco is rough, but something of a freak in the same sense JPP is. He's really tall, really fast, and from watching him at UD when he played, pretty accurate. He needs to polish his game but I can see him being ranked this high. Flacco has an amazing defense and running back that saves his ass in critical games. Put him in another squad I doubt he'd be a top 15 QB.

Yeah, the defense really saved his ass on that 92 yard 2-minute drive against the Steelers. Or that 21 point comeback against the Cardinals. You had 16 points against the steelers before that drive. Your defense kept you in that game till the very end. As far as the cards go.. Congrats, you beat the almighty cardinals who their defense, I might add, was barely in the top Yup, so you agree that Flacco beat those teams: My point is that you can't act like he doesn't contribute.

He should've beat the Patriots too, if it weren't for Lee Evans. He is held back by his defense. They are so good they would rather run screens on 3rd and long and punt rather that maybe throw a pick. Anyone remember his throw to Boldin week one, on the second play of the game? He also hits Torrey Smith in stride which is hard to do.

Stafford is lower because his shoulders don't cooperate year-in year-out while Flacco hasn't suffered a significant injury. Except that's not what the Ravens offense does. Instead it's lets try to throw long every down that ends up as a check down to Ray Rice. I've despised watching the Ravens offense under Cam Cameron despite all their playmakers.

I'll even say probably after this season. But he only has one great season to his name thus far. NC State probably deserves a good portion of credit for Wilson. The dude was a beast for them, he was just on a much worse team and on a lower profile.

Peyton 4th, based on not playing last year? Stafford 14th after throwing for over yards? What did Bradford do over Palmer or Fitzpatrick? I could go on. This list is crap. But I completely agree with Stafford and Romo being better, even nfl listed Flacco as better than Romo. Did you see what he did for the Raiders? Before he went down they were I wanted him as our 2 QB soooo bad.

Made me especially pissed when we pick up some High School QB. Do you really not think I have a pretty good grasp on what JC's talent level is? I could tell you everything you need to know about him as a QB. Starting with the fact he's a great game manager. He does well when there are no mistakes to overcome. He won't win you games himself otherwise. I'd rank him somewhere in the 25 range. I was surprised he took the obvious backup job instead of signing on somewhere to fight for an open spot with the first team.

But alas, my comment was wrong in the first place as I hadn't noticed other backups on the list. JC only plays this season if the other JC gets hurt. Not having a clue where RG3 will fall on this list really, really sucks.

Think about who we've been starting the past decade and where they would fall on this list. We haven't had a single QB that would be top 15 on an offseason list like this since Brad Johnson in Don't get me wrong, I'm unquestionably excited Not the same, but yes we fell hard from the expectations he gave us. He even lost as QB in the congressional flag football game last year. Also, I see where you're coming from. I am feeling the same way. I just wanted to point out that I can wait for him to earn his way on to these lists since we're in a better place than we have been since Joey T's leg snapped.

Cam should have been higher. Going into nextyear, id take cam over most of those. At the very least over rivers and everyone below him. Sure he may slump a little, but when was a rookie ever that good?

You could bring up names like Peyton, and thats exactly why he should be much higher. That and he is awesome. Tebow should be over Gabbert, Stafford should be top 10, Palmer should be above Bradford, Brady should be 2 above Brees.

He's arguably better than the two people above him but he won't get the recognition unless he has a ring like those two. I think he put Flacco above Stafford and Romo because of how far he's gotten in the playoffs in the past few years, and not to mention he balled out in that AFC champ game last year and he was a missed FG away from being in the SB.

Aaron Rodgers is great and has the greatest overall numbers by average of any QB in history but his intangibles aren't even in the same conversation with the other 3 guys.