NCAA Basketball Odds

When you look at the lines, the NCAA Basketball odds makers set an over-under which asks whether the final score will be 'over' or above that number, or 'under' and below. Bryce Drew is putting together something special at Vanderbilt, recruiting the school's most highly-rated incoming class ever for the Commodores' college basketball season. Remove this prop from the element. Before the tournament begins, NCAA basketball fans wager on futures , predicting the outright winner or even the Final Four. Latest NCAA Basketball news stories


Sports Wagering

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Full View Classic View. Point Spreads In college basketball there are a lot of teams, and some are much stronger than others. Money Lines While spreads focus on the margin of victory, moneylines only focus on the outright result. Totals When it comes totals, this is just the combined final score between the two teams.

Futures Futures bets are wagers that focus on events that will happen in the long term future. Some brave betting fans expand the challenge, wagering on the participants of the Final Four. The most extreme type of futures bet revolves around bracketology , which focuses on predicting the outcome of each stage of the bracket.

Depending on the mathematician you ask, the odds of filling out a perfect bracket hovers between 1 in billion to 1 in 9. Nonetheless, predicting the winner of March Madness tends to be one of the more profitable bets for people with insight into the tournament.

The first person to fill out a perfect bracket will become a legend in the sports wagering world, leading millions to attempt the feat every March. Baseball Playoff Betting Strategy. Chances of Canadian Teams to win the Stanley Cup.