Since this can ruin your online reputation in the game, I recommend using a secondary account for the purpose. Coach always subs me out and I end up having to go to the end of the 3rd quarter to foul out. Read our review of the game here. Now that the new title has finally come out, gamers are looking for ways on how to make the game easier and how to play it more efficiently. NBA 2K16 VC Farming

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How to get vc using nba 2k17 vc glitch

Everything You Need to Know. Top of its Class. Microtransactions Are Here To Stay. Madden 18 — How to Beat Cover 4. RBI Baseball 18 Review. How To Beat Cover 3. Just select the denomination of the virtual currency you wish to receive and enter the generated code in your game screen. We are offering these locker codes to each and every website visitor which means no worries of collecting virtual currency in the game. Just choose your Game edition and the respective game platform from below and get your 2k17 locker code.

There are no as such hassles for getting these codes from us. Moreover, we are trying to add a lot more physical bonuses for the game so that you are always in the front with your MyTeam. So tighten your laces, for playing the just released basketball simulation, with no hassles of purchasing virtual currency. Alternatively if you have already bought nba 2k18, you can get nba 2k18 locker codes from here or NBA 2k19 locker codes from here.

In this way, our 2k17 player becomes eligible to take part in meetings, attend practices, play games, and increase the game difficulty or level to gain extra virtual currency. If you want to build up your bank balance quickly, you are compelled to be present in all the meetings and practices. At the main menu, select "Options", "Features", then choose the "Locker Codes" selection.

Enter one of the following codes to obtain the corresponding bonus. Some codes may eventually expire. Select a card you have obtained, and choose the "View Card" option. Rotate the card in every possible direction to potentially find a rune. A rune looks like an alien symbol and appears in the left border area of the card, below the "Ovr" rating.

It is very rare to find a rune. Once you find five different runes from viewing and rotating cards, you will get a special rune code that gives you temporary access to the Black Market.

The Black Market allows you to purchase special items, such as a Zebra Ball, Exclusive Rookie of the Year Winners Box contains 10 Rookie of the Year packs; each 5 item pack includes a single player with the highest chance of pulling a Rookie of the Year card , Diamond Air Jordan III can be applied to any player and has unlimited uses , and Diamond Contract Card adds infinite contracts to any player when applied.

Start a game in myCareer, set the difficulty to "Hall Of Fame" with 12 minute quarters, and simulate it to the end to get approximately to VC each time, depending on the stats and how well your player negotiated. The process should to take under two minutes. Repeat this as many times as desired. You can also start a second career if you do not want to have any simulated games under your main career.