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If necessary, trigger nested updates in componentDidUpdate. Target container is not a DOM element. Underwood has seven Grammy awards, but America first got a true taste of the authenticity in her voice with this Martina McBride song. After the performance, Cowell told the year-old that she had "the it factor," seemingly high praise from the grumpy judge. Reinhart's rasp came through in this rendition, and the singer said part of that was due to overuse.

It sounds pretty rough and raunchy and raw. Despite the loud-mouthed judge's fawning, Lambert didn't win Season 8. But he's compiled an impressive solo career with hits like "Whatya Want from Me" and has collaborated with Queen since The Grammy and Oscar winning singer who is now a Broadway star gained recognition in Season 3.

Clarkson did as much for "American Idol" as the show did for her. Kelly Clarkson's win and subsequent stardom brought relevance to the show. Fantasia Barrino's performance of "Summertime" was fit for the stage. Channeling his inner James Brown, Ledet rocked the stage on this instant Season 11 classic. Avid fans felt Clay Aiken was robbed of a win on Season 2. Mariah Carey walked onstage and sprinkled glitter on Glover, anointing her as a star.