What happens if a crow takes your golf ball?

When many golf balls are grabbed, the balls will fall out of the tube into a nylon bag, which is easily emptied through a zipper. My drives are now to and I now hit my LW instead of 75 yards. Are tournaments on the European golf tour just as important as tournaments on the US tour? Please provide a valid price range. Seagull steals golf ball: You are here

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Simple to use, it fits on any golf putter grip. No longer have to bend over to retrieve your ball. This is the best golf ball pick up on the market. This quality 2 metre stainless steel telescopic golf ball retriever is a must have. With long reach of this golf ball retriever, it's a valuable aid for any golfer to retrieve those hard to get balls. It is Easy to carry - folds to just 15" By extending the pole to the desired length. With the help of Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever, you can quickly and simply scoop up your ball without any accidents..

The Hinged Cup Retriever from ProActive Sports is a great, simple to use device that allows you to retrieve your ball from hard to reach places. The lightweight design makes this retriever easy to carry and maneuver. Lightweight aluminum material that extends 8 feet to easily retrieve and release balls.

Another great item at a great price. This durable yet lightweight shag tube is convenient and effective. Weighing just 21 oz. The Aluminum Shag Tube features a slotted tube design that eliminates dirt clogging. Ideal for you to hold 23 golf balls. Holds 75 golf balls. Pick up balls without bending over! Attach the The Claw to the butt end of your putter grip. Then use it to pick up the ball effortlessly! Simply push the screw into the hole on the end cap of the grip and tighten until secure.

This Golf Accessory fits on the end of your putter grip and allows a golfer to retrieve a ball without bending down. Telescopic design saves space Retrieve you the ball no matter whether it is in a pond, or beyond a boundary fence, prevents you from having to bend down to pick up Parameter: This Golf Ball Pickup fits on the end of your putter grip and allows a golfer to retrieve a ball without bending down.

This is a wonderful tool for you to pick up a golf ball. Screws in to the end of your putter grip. Plastic handle and cylinder, zipper design, more convenient to use. The cylinder can be taken apart and assembled, with a handle, easy to carry.

Easy and simple to install on the grip end of your putter. Large screw installs on center hole of putter grip. To read the slope on any putting green, simply place the ball marker behind your ball or at any point between your ball and the hole and observe the location of the bubble. Great prices on popular products Compare at price is the price for the same product offered in the online market. You May Also Like. Got one to sell?

Golf Ball Pick-Ups and Retrievers From the back nine to your backyard, golf can be a fun and relaxing way to spend your time. What is a golf ball retriever? A golf ball retriever can easily fit into a normal golf bag, and can be taken on any outing. Ball retrievers use telescoping technology to extend up to 15 ft. Many popular brands, including Callaway, make golf ball retrievers. A branded golf ball, like Callaway, is an expensive investment. A golf ball retriever can help cut down on that expense.

What is a golf ball pick up? What is a claw style shagger? Usually added to the putter, claws can typically be easily screwed into the base for shagging. To shag, simply flip the club and use the claw to grab without any bending motion, saving your knees for the back nine. What is a shag bag? An aluminum tube with clips on the end is used to grab the golf ball. Grabbing another ball pushes the first ball up the tube and so on.

When many golf balls are grabbed, the balls will fall out of the tube into a nylon bag, which is easily emptied through a zipper. Some companies, such as Callaway, are switching to sturdier boxes on the retriever that can also double as a feeder. Custom Bundle see all.

I duck hooked my drive in to the mangroves, took note of where it was and hit another tee shot. I then went over to where my first ball was supposed to be and it had vanished. I know I saw it before and now it was gone. The only creatures running around were a bunch of crabs. It had to be them. I guess it deserved to be stolen after such a poor first tee shot. Have a good one. My situation occurred on the 17th at Long Reef.

Love to know if anyone else has had the same thing happen! He netted himself about brand new balls. I can tell you that these birds only take new shiny balls. Dirty scuffed ones are completely ignored. The same thing happened to me on the 3rd. Hit the ball down the middle just out of site, below the hill. My guess however is that it has something to do with mating. We know these birds are quite intelligent, so they are not confusing them for food or eggs. I think it is the males showing off to the females, bearing in mind that it only happens at a certain time of the year Autumn.

A friend came up with a great way of stopping the problem. He spays his ball with Aeroguard or Rid. When the crow picks it up, it hates the taste and immediately drops it. I think you are on the right track as to the reason why they take golf balls. Crows are closely related to the bower Bird which decorates his bower with blue and yellow objects and dances with them to encourage the females to mate with him.

I believe that crows behave in the same way to impress females. I have heard it happens a lot around there. That Aeroguard tip is a good one. Hi, I am from Holland and played today in Delden on a golfcourse that has 9 holes. To make 18 holes, we did the course twice. This is what happened: On hole 8, I made e beautifull stroke. Unfortunately it landed in a bunker. On the way to the bunker we saw a crow running in the bunker near my ball. He picks up the ball and flies away with it into the wood.

This all happened on the first round. But now it comes: