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SL Benfica vs Bayern M. I would recommend a "super" book like the Hilton. It's not all about the World Cup though, as there are many others that can be seen. Cardiff vs Manchester City. Las Vegas Soccer Betting Odds

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If the home team wins , the winning wager is the under, since 38 is under the If the visitors win , the winning wager is the over, since 51 is over the Betting lines get tricky when you play against the spread. Your team can still win the game, but you might lose your wager.

On Monday morning, they are on their way back home. Lineups to wager on the Super Bowl at major sports books on the Strip can take hours on the day of the big game. If you were lucky enough to pick the winner, expect to wait just as long to cash your ticket. How about if you bet on Pittsburgh to win the Stanley Cup when you were in Vegas in the fall.

How do you cash your winning futures ticket? The answer is, you have to mail the ticket to the sports book where you placed the bet. If you forget, there is a time limit.

The winning ticket may be void by the time you return to Las Vegas. Many times, team props will be the teams to do something first. The first goal scored in the game can be popular, or the first official shot on goal can all be considered variations of team props.

These betting odds can be fun for those who are looking for simple outcomes outside of the game lines. Because of the fact that there are many international leagues in the sport of soccer, we can see plenty of futures odds to win different tournaments. The biggest futures line that is formed is the World Cup. It's the biggest tournament in the world, and warrants plenty of betting attention. World Cup odds can be formed as far out as four years in advance, shortly following the end of the previous World Cup.

It's not all about the World Cup though, as there are many others that can be seen. Futures wagers are some of the highest payouts for those betting on soccer. This is the chance to get in on action for a favorable payout to you as well, with plenty of time to research and consider your options.

The opportunity to place live wagers on soccer games is a prevalent as it's ever been. There is plenty of betting action available through live wagering. It largely depends on the outcome of a game. It can be things on a large scale such as different moneyline or spreads. Or it can come down to a single play such as a penalty kick.

And if there is a shootout at the end of a soccer game, action can get really intense. Not only can wagers be made on the winner of the shootout, but at sportsbooks that are on top of their live betting odds can be formed as quickly as picking individual shooters in that shootout to make a goal or miss the goal. That's some pretty exciting stuff. Asian handicapping takes away the possibility of a draw in the outcome of a wager. That is why it is confusing that Inter's Mauro Icardi was left out of the squad after he bagged 29 goals in 34 matches in Serie A.

Still, manager Jorge Sampaoli has plenty of attacking talent at his disposal -- Messi, Paulo Dybala, Gonzalo Higuain and Sergio Aguero -- but can he make the puzzle pieces fit perfectly? An aging core and recent results make Argentina a tough bet, even with one of the best ever in their side. The numbers match up for the Red Devils more than any other side.

We have them as the third-most likely to win at 9. Belgium are in great form, with their last loss coming way back in July , and they also have quality preparation matches against Portugal and Costa Rica in the next few weeks.

According to our projections, they have a They could face tough competition in the quarterfinal unlike some of the other favorites depending on how the groups work out. However, they will be led by the Premier League's best playmaker, Kevin De Bruyne, along with the brothers Hazard , Eden and Thorgan, who are both coming in with great form.

Speaking of England, new captain Harry Kane thinks that The Three Lions can win the World Cup this year, but many others are suggesting that the best target is four years from now to allow their young talent to develop.

Kane, only 24 years of age, joins several other players who very well could still develop into a true golden generation for the edition of the competition. As for , they will likely have to beat Belgium head to head on June 28th to win the group and have an easier road to the final.

That's the sixth-highest, but it's well off the pace of the tourney's true favorites. There are a few comparisons worth noting in the rest of the field, but many of these teams have an implied probability less than 5. Realistically, none of these teams will challenge for the Cup, but it is interesting to look at the numbers nonetheless.

Portugal's hope will rely on Ronaldo, although they would likely be favored in a knockout round match regardless of a first- or second-place finish in Group B. France or Argentina would likely be the quarterfinal opponent and end Portugal's run. Portugal is our seventh-highest favorite and eighth in Vegas.

Much like Portugal, Poland's hope will sit mainly with one player. Robert Lewandowski will be asked to lead them to a Group H win, but they will probably have to best Colombia on June 24th to win the group. Arkadiusz Milik has proven his ability on the ball for his national team, but he will need to be at his best for the squad to beat the 1. According to our algorithm, five of the teams in the table above have better odds of winning than Argentina, with Sweden and Denmark the most surprising.

Sweden are our eighth-best favorite with a 1. Denmark are right behind Sweden, but they are ranked 14th in Vegas odds. Both teams could surprise in Russia, even if they fall short of the title. Log in to numberFire To get the full benefits of numberFire, please log in. You'll get the best projections in the business! Click here to sign up!