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Rainbow Crossing will include the Estate Series, which will open in November with homes, and the Select Series, which will open in December with homes. Truth be told, its hard to mention one without the other. Being able to pick a great casino will let you have a great experience when football betting. This content may not be distributed, modified, reproduced in whole or in part without prior permission from VegasNews. Great location, not too pricey, and the Miracle mile is great for middle class shopping. Technology

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I live in New Jersey, where it is already legal and regulated. It's nowhere near as fun as going to a casino. Do you know how easy it would be to open your own T1 site with a thousand servers a top notch AI program and some unscrupulous programmers who would care more about the money they are about to steal than any law or regulation, and just one patsy that would hold up before any permit process.

Sorry, brick and mortar casinos only. A quote I heard a few years ago. Electronic games at the casinos of all kinds can be manipulated the same way people think online games would be. But regulation and oversight is there to theoretically protect us. If you can't trust MGM or Caesar's to run a fair online game, why do you trust them in a live casino?

You can play the Michigan lottery online. The pony betters are a little too close and I wish they were in another area. However, this place does have a lot of unique betting chances available and can have lines that are very different from the rest of the city.

The chairs are comfy if you can one I do wish it had better tv's though. This is an ok book if you are killing time at the MGM or wanted to see a quarter or inning. I actually use this as a meeting spot a lot however, it does not have great viewing because the seats are not deep and it hurts your neck to watch since screens are high and seats are close.

It is nice the ponies are on the far side and I would love to see what the sky boxes are like since they are at eye level of screens. Bellagio is great for over the top splendor and old people high style.

Obvious must see for tourists. I prefer high end style like Aria and Cosmo first. But it is a good spot. Hard to park though. I wish they had locals offers for the Buffet or the Art Museum. But they could care less about that. This is actually one of my favorite places to park, shop and stay. The rooms are small but nice. Great location, not too pricey, and the Miracle mile is great for middle class shopping. A must see and Caesar shops are great. Parking is hard though and not easy to access.

I have never stayed here so I can't comment on the rooms. The sports book needs some major love though. It is pretty much in a hall, hard to get a seat which are just roped off swivel chairs.

The book really needs to readjusted somehow and it is not comfortable or a place I would like to spend much time betting. At launch, playMGM is offering action on just about every sport that is currently in season or will be soon, including football, basketball and baseball. For its current online ventures, MGM lists eCheck as the preferred deposit and withdrawal method. Once registered, all deposits and withdrawals can be made at the push of a button.

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