NFL Football Week 1 Odds & Game Predictions

So what better time to check out the NFL opening week 1 spreads as provided by 5Dimes. In their Super Bowl season, the Eagles converted 17 of 26 fourth-down tries. The NFL season is finally here. Anytime you have a defense that can prevent opponents from scoring, you have a chance. Biggest Line Moves From Open

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Bettors who are new to NFL betting or betting in general may be a little confused with NFL spread betting, but it is pretty easy to understand once it is explained to you. We will explain what betting against the spread means below. For each NFL game the oddsmakers set a number of points in which the favored team is favored by.

Bettors can then either choose for the favored team to win by more than the number of points set, or bet on the underdogs to lose by less than the number of points they are underdogs by or win the game straight up. For example, the spread could be set on the favored team at 6. This would mean in order for a bet on the favored team on the spread to win they would need to win by more than 6. It also means that a bet on the underdog team would win if the underdogs lost by less than 6.

With the spread set at 2. A bet on New York would mean that the Giants would have to either lose by 2. Here is another example with a screenshot taken from 5Dimes. So for this example the Cowboys are 3. Add more favorite teams from the list below based on your geolocation. The most trusted voice in sports delivered straight to your inbox. Sign up now to receive Sports Illustrated's best content, special offers and much more.

You may unsubscribe from email communication at anytime. Thank you for signing up! Please check your inbox to confirm your email address and start receiving newsletters. Bortles Unchained, Mahomes Unstoppable: Week 2 Was For Making Statements. Khalil Mack has put in extra work with outside linebackers coach Brandon Staley to get up to speed in Chicago. The NFC North matchup between the Vikings and the Packers had it all—a hobbled Aaron Rodgers, missed field goals, controversial defensive calls, overtime and, to cap it off, a tie.

After another rough start for Nathan Peterman, the Bills will go with their rookie project in Week 2. Considering their depleted supporting cast, should they? He was carted off in the first half to the worst fears of football fans everywhere. Then the Packers QB hobbled onto the field for the second half to lead a historic comeback against a Bears team that looked destined for a statement win. One gets traded, the other re-signs, and in the end both get paid big.

For the Raiders and Rams, the behind-the-scenes machinations revealed contrasting strategies for dealing with their premier defensive players, and only time will tell which approach was the wiser. The two recall what it was like in the early days and what has gotten them to where they are today hint: The comeback is incredible, but lost in the excitement: The fact that a healthy Rodgers put up zero points against the Bears, then put up 24 points in a half while playing on one leg.

How he did it from a schematic standpoint, and the lessons Rodgers and the Packers can take from the incredible win. The position as a whole is as strong as it's been in years, and offenses are getting more and more creative.

Why are so many first- and second-year cornerbacks dominating in the NFL? What does Richard Sherman have left in the tank? And we unveil our ranking of the top 10 CBs in football today—settling the three-way battle between Peterson, Ramsey and Rhodes.

A look at what the Giants should pay Odell Beckham Jr. Is his vision clouded by his own past mastery? Will he ever find his quarterback? Did it have to go down like this?

Its roots trace back to his Carolina upbringing, and for centuries before that. Ever wonder about the men and women at the top of your favorite NFL franchise? We spent a day with him as he met fans, shopped for a new home and embraced what it means to be a Cleveland sports star.

Coming off the first Super Bowl win in franchise history, the five starters from the Eagles offensive line — plus legendary veteran Jason Peters — sit down for a wide-ranging interview.

Teams that need defensive linemen are in luck. The NFL and college football are different brands of the game, but recently pro coaches are opening up to utilizing more college concepts—just look at the number of people who want to talk to Lincoln Riley. What other college trends should the NFL watch for this season? Historically the NFL has gravitated toward a certain type of quarterback, propping up a handful of college passers before the start of the season.