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Dirk Nowitzki ankle said he expects to be percent by the start of the regular season. Retrieved March 23, Miami , Atlanta , Charlotte , Washington , Orlando. Most Viewed

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Schroder and teammate Maxi Kleber Mavs connected on a dramatic alley-oop to force OT -- you can watch the play via the link below. Both players look to be in fine form with NBA training camps on the horizon, and we'll be watching Schroder closely since his fantasy value hinges on his ability to play alongside Russell Westbrook.

The severity of the injury will be assessed by Brooklyn on Monday, and initially it seems that reports by Bosnian media of an Achilles injury were incorrect. Musa's own tweet refutes that report, given his projected timetable, but we'll know more within a few days. Justin Patton suffers another foot fracture. Justin Patton broke his right foot in workouts this week. If he didn't have bad luck, he'd have no luck at all. Patton had surgery on his left foot for a fracture back in July , and another left foot fracture surgery in April.

He was just starting to come along and was posting some videos of him hitting the gym, and he could have made his season debut at some point in Now, he'll likely be shutdown for the foreseeable future.

Jon Krawczynski on Twitter. There has also been a reported issue between Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns, who is due for an extension soon. When there's this much smoke, there could be a fire brewing between Butler and the team.

This will be something to watch for next week. Dirk Nowitzki ankle said he expects to be percent by the start of the regular season. Nowitzki underwent surgery on his left ankle back in April. He has been making progress in rehab and has recently been scrimmaging with his teammates.

So they took those out and now there's a lot more movement in the ankle. But all the tendons aren't used to moving that much now. Every now and then, it's a little stiff. I scrimmaged a little last week and on Monday and it hasn't really reacted amazing to it. But we're positive that it'll be fine.

By the time we get into camp and especially the regular season, I'll be percent. Bojan Bogdanovic scores 22 points in loss. He continues to be an overseas workhorse, leading his team in shots from the field and makes from the line. The node you're attempting to unmount was rendered by React and is not a top-level container. Target container is not valid. This usually means you rendered a different component type or props on the client from the one on the server, or your render methods are impure.

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