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While the majority of the action that the sportsbooks are taking in right now is concentrated on college football and the NFL, professional hockey is a very viable sport to generate a solid return on your investment. That means that states other than Nevada are now legally able to legislate to allow sports betting in their states. One of the most important factors for baseball betting, other than pitching, is having a strong knowledge a team's ATS records. Betting Strategy

Sports Betting 101

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If you have the inside track and see something the books missed and there is a 1. This is not sports gambling it is sports betting.

As a Professional Sports Handicapper I am responsible to the people who buy my plays and my subscription. It is not my job to pick easy winners. They can do that for themselves. It is my job to make them money by finding true value plays not expect them to risk it all to make up some ground and to offer a solid ROI. This is a business and should not be treated and a part time gig played with a dart board or a one that requires you to state the obvious and pick the favorite.

When you are looking at purchasing the services of any handicapper in any sport. Check not only ther records but what sort of game and types of bets these records represent. Is he a guy who plays all dogs is he an action junkie does he play only the heavy favorites?

Is this his full time job or is he guy who likes sports has a full time job during the day and has decided to make some money as a hobbie. I am a member of the Professional Handicappers League and all my records are open to scrutiny.

I am also the Leagues top NHL Handicapper and not by just a small margin but by more than double the units of the next nearest handicapper. If you have any questions about me or any handicapper feel free to email service procappers. This subscription represents a HUGE savings and the best value anywhere! I would say good luck but I am not a leprochaun and luck is not my business. My business is winning and business is good!

Trust us to make the right choice for your hockey betting needs. The team here at wager on hockey encourages you to make educated decisions for offshore NHL sports books to register and hockey bet with, so we do the hard work for you. We have complete confidence in the NHL Internet sportsbooks we promote as they all offer fair hockey lines, fast payouts and top notch customer service.

The feedback we get from our customers and readers have also assured us that these are in fact your best options. We suggest that you give a few of our hockey betting sites a a try and take advantage of the online NHL Hockey bonuses they offer. You will be impressed with all of them and being able to shop around for a point here or there can make the difference between winning and losing. We want to keep you involved all year long with NHL Betting. Sports betting can be just as profitable as any other form of investing, and at the highest levels it should be run like a successful business.

Gambling can be a fun and exciting form of entertainment. However, for the serious bettor, wagering on sports is a way to make money. A professional sports bettor is no different than a Wall Street trader or a real estate investor. Managing your bankroll may be one of the most important things a sports bettor can do. After all, if you do not have money, how can you bet in the first place?

A sports bettor cannot stay in action if he does not have bankroll to support his bets. At the very basic level, money is the tool that a bettor uses to do his work in the same way a carpenter cannot build without a hammer and a nail or a painter cannot paint without a brush and a canvas.

The stock market and sports betting may have much more in common than what initially meets the eye. Wagering on sporting events can be similar to other forms of investing as many of the same fundamental concepts are similar. The serious sports bettor will approach his craft with the same knowledge and work ethic that a Wall Street day-trader would. The stock market can be just as much of a gamble as wagering on sports can be.

And sports betting, in turn, can be as much of a long-term investment as wagering on the stock market can be. Major League Baseball is perhaps the most stats-driven game in the American sports landscape. Professional baseball was keeping track of, and using, advanced metrics before most other sports even knew of the concept. For gamblers, handicapping an MLB game can rely heavily on stats and advanced analysis. One of the most important factors for baseball betting, other than pitching, is having a strong knowledge a team's ATS records.

Sports betting can be a ridiculously exciting undertaking at times. The adrenaline rush of placing a bet could be enough to get a player hooked for life. And that is not even mentioning the highs and lows of the actual game itself and the sheer joy of winning a wager and cashing to your ticket.

Sports betting can be the ultimate proving ground to testing your sports and gambling knowledge. There is nothing like putting your money where your mouth is and actually showing that you know what you are talking about. Sports betting, at times, can be the utmost fun. Read more about Record Keeping: Sports betting can a brutal undertaking. Every gambler who has ever placed a bet has, at one time or another, been on the wrong end of a beat beat or suck out. We've all been there. Whether it is a meaningless half-court shot that kills a spread or a last-second pick-six that destroys an "over" or "under," as gamblers we all know that sports betting can be painful at times.

Expected value is a math term that sounds like something out of your worst high school algebra nightmare. It sounds like a concept most people thought they had escaped from years ago. However - even though the mathematically impaired might not want to hear this - it is also a sports betting concept that every gambler should know and deeply understand.

One of the fundamental aspects of being a successful investor is to diversify your portfolio - to not put all of your eggs into one basket. The idea is to spread all of your investments around - just in case one of them tanks - so that your money is still protected by your other investments.

Read more about Betting Sports bettors have a plethora of knowledge and information at the tips of their fingers. The Internet has made accessing information and researching wagers easier and faster than ever before. The average sports bettor is far more educated and savvy than in years past.

Nowadays, most bettors have a solid understanding of the nuances of wagering and how they impact games. However, one topic where knowledge and information still seems to be scarce is concerning NBA key numbers. What Do the Sportsbooks Think? Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in America. It provides not only entertainment value, but it also provides the ability for sharp bettors to consistently make money wagering on sporting events.

One of the main reasons behind its popularity is that sports betting offers an edge that is rarely found in casino gaming - a sharp sports bettor can consistently make money, and that fact will continue to bring in new players and help the industry continue to grow.

Explanation of Different Types of Wagers. The UFC is one of the fastest growing sports organizations in the world, and it has taken mixed martial arts from the backrooms and dark corners into the limelight with prominent ESPN coverage and free fights on network television. The deal will only bring more exposure to an already growing sport, as it helps build stars and delivers exciting matchups to fans starving for high-profile fights.

Moneylines may be as primordial to sports betting as the games themselves. In order to place a bet, gamblers need to quantify the talent disparity between teams. On a very basic level, even non-sports bettors know that you can't place an even-money bet on the Super Bowl Champions facing the worst team in the league - there has to be a give and take.

In the sports betting world, we use the point spread or the moneyline to place an exact number on that difference in talent. Read more about Explaining Sports Betting Moneylines. Sports Betting Juice and Vig: The vig or juice - whatever you want to call it - is a sports bettor's worst enemy other than losing wagers, of course. If you have ever placed a bet before, then you know exactly what the juice is. It's the built in edge that sportsbooks use in order to gain a profit on taking bets.

Read more about Sports Betting Juice and Vig: How Different Prices Impact Bettors. Basic strategy teasers are an increasingly popular bet that utilizes knowledge of NFL key numbers in order to move certain lines past the strongest key numbers of three and seven. Over the last 30 years, NFL games have been decided by exactly three or seven points 25 percent of the time. And being able to move a spread using a six-point teaser past those two numbers can provide excellent value to a wager.

Read more about Basic Strategy Teasers: Home and Away Win Rates. NFL key numbers can be a sports bettor's best friend. NFL lines can often be as confusing as shopping at Ikea it's like a maze in there - and understanding those key numbers can, at times, point to the strongest side of a wager.

So, let's take a minute, and refresh our NFL key numbers knowledge and see what lessons we can take away in order to get the best of the books. As sports bettors, we are always searching for a way to beat the spread. Some of us will spend hours on end researching lines and stats in order to make an informed decision, while others will simply rely on luck or superstition. Remember Paul, the sports betting octopus that went eight-for-eight at predicting winners during the World Cup I do--I made a killing following his advice!

Sports betting, for the serious gambler, often falls into the category of skill rather than luck. We study lines, look at scores, and make every possible effort to come up with the smartest betting decisions possible-and that is probably why many sports bettors stay away from parlays, teasers and random prop bets.

The popularity of the National Football League has led to the rise of all sorts of contests where fans can get involved. Fantasy football is still the most popular, but NFL confidence pools are quickly becoming another major player in the contest arena. Confidence pools tap into that fan interest and provide another NFL office pool type of game for fans to get even more involved in the sport. Strategy, Advice and Tips.

We've all been there before. It is a couple hours before Monday Night Football. You got demolished on several of your larger wagers on NFL Sunday. You lost your biggest bet by a measly half point. The MNF matchup looks lopsided, and the favorite, your chosen side, is laying 13 points. Read more about NFL Handicapping: Avoid Buying Points When Betting. Major League Baseball kicks off its regular season this week.

And while it may not garner the same level of betting action that the NFL and NBA does, it remains an extremely viable option to supplement your sports wagering endeavors.

Are you new to the online gaming world? There's a big event that might draw your betting interest nearly every month of the year. Perhaps one of the Grand Slam events for golf or tennis. Or any of numerous horse races. Maybe you just want to be well-versed in sports betting to understand what your significant other, friends or family are talking about while watching sports.

Here is everything you need to know with sports betting odds and lines explained. The NHL schedule kicked-off last Thursday night last and the game march to the Stanley Cup playoffs is officially underway.

While the majority of the action that the sportsbooks are taking in right now is concentrated on college football and the NFL, professional hockey is a very viable sport to generate a solid return on your investment. In this article we will help you with some NHL wagering tips to get you on your way.

Often times in sports betting you hear the word 'pick'em. But that is not always the case with novice bettors or someone making a first trip to Las Vegas that happens to wander into the sportsbook.

The following will describe some key terms in gambling that will help you make an educated wager and avoid an uncomfortable look for the ticket taker. We will answer the question "what does pick'em mean in sports betting?

Football bettors need to be aware of key numbers just as much as they need to be aware of injuries and matchups. Key numbers indicate the margin of victory or defeat most common in the NFL. Key numbers in football betting can tell you a lot about what the oddsmakers are trying to do with a particular point spread and how impactful a line movement is. Read more about Key Numbers in Football Betting.

Many novice bettors have no idea what teasers even are. Others think they are sucker bets and stay away from them completely. Certain sharp bettors, however, use NFL teasers as a main force in their arsenal against the sportsbooks. I am firmly in that last group. In particular, I am a big fan of the two-team, six-point NFL teaser. When it comes to handicapping the NFL, just about everyone uses some kind of system when making their picks.

Whether they utilize some kind of sophisticated bank of computers that crunch the numbers or rely on basic observations and gut instinct, statistics will have to play some kind of role in the decision making process. Best Statistics to Use for Betting. It is not a stretch to say that no one in baseball likes doubleheaders. The players dislike putting forth that much effort in one day.

Managers cringe at the thought of having to burn their bullpens. Umpires loathe having to sit out there for a double-dip, especially the guys that have to work the plate in one game and the field in another. The vendors and ballpark employees essentially pull a double-shift with little to nothing to show for it.

Read more about MLB Handicapping: Tips and Advice on Betting Doubleheaders. If you are a statistic junkie, than there is no better sport in the world to follow than Major League Baseball.

Just about every conceivable aspect of the game is recorded in some kind of measurement and used to generate an endless amount of stats for the sport. Entertainment City Sleeping giant of Asian casinos is the Philippines. Multiple multi-billion dollar casinos are operating here. Atlantic City Play in Atlantic City's wide variety of casinos and poker rooms.

This is the place that inspired the board game Monopoly. World Casino Directory uses cookies, this enables us to provide you with a personalised experience. More Info Got It! Home Sports Betting The basics of betting on hockey. The basics of sports betting Different types of sports bets Selecting a sportsbook Understanding and evaluating odds Futures, props and lay bets.

The Basics of Betting on Hockey by Dave Schwab Many sports bettors may consider wagering on hockey as an acquired taste, but for the ones that take the time to study and fully appreciate the subtle nuances of the sport, the end result could be a sizable boost to their overall sports betting bankroll. The following is an example of a hockey money line for a NHL game: Betting on Hockey Total Lines Like most other sports, a total line is set for hockey games to reflect betting odds for the combined score of both teams.

Betting on Hockey Puck Lines Hockey also has its version of a point spread as another way to bet on the games and it is referred to as the puck line. Using the same example above for the Detroit at Chicago game the puck line might read as follows: Casinos by category Online casino directory New online casinos Live dealer casinos Casinos by country Casino software Casinos by currency Casinos by language Rogue Casinos.