How College Football Lines Work

The game total is another type of game line made available by most sportsbooks. The final score is Know that odds tell you the likelihood of an outcome. Moneyline Wager

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Understanding American Odds

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Novibet Review Bet Now. In the first column are the football teams competing, in this case the Colts and the Packers. The second column shows the point spread on the game, the third column is the total and in the forth column are the betting lines.

We now know what the odds arrangement means, but still have no idea what the terminology stands for. So let's go ahead and explain each of the football betting odds we just mentioned. The point spread column 2 - the football point spread is the most popular form of odds on football.

In the above example, the plus sign is for the Green Bay Packers and the value is "1", which means that the odds makers are giving the Packers one point advantage, i. The number "" behind the spread is the payout on that bet. If you bet the spread on the Colts and they win the game by more than one point i.

Here is the best place to explain what that means. In the above case, if you bet on the Colts covering the spread i. The total column 3 - the total in football betting is the combined score of the game, i. The odds makers employed by the sportsbooks evaluate past performance betting trends and current team conditions and choose a number that best reflects the possible total outcome of the football game.

In the example above, the odds makers have decided that the most likely total of the scores by the Packers and Colts will be 47 points and you have to decide whether the final score total will be OVER 47 points or UNDER 47 points Over is marked with "o" and Under is marked with "u". If the final score total of the football game is exactly 47 points the bet is called "no action", meaning you neither win nor lose, similar to "push" in blackjack or a draw.

The betting line column 4 - the betting line is he easiest to play, you simply have to guess which football team will win the game. And here you have it - the football betting explained and how the football odds work.