Malaysia’s Online Betting Laws, Legislation & Sites

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Malaysia Betting Sites: Top Asian Bookie

For a utility bill either a cable bill, internet bill, water bill, power bill, phone bill or anything similar will suffice. With this out of the way, all you need now is a banking method. The best banking method for Malaysians is EntroPay. The benefit to using this method is your bank statement will appear as EntroPay as opposed to the name of a bookies website. Also, for a small fee you can order an EntroPay Plastic Card and access money you cash out of betting sites at any ATM in Malaysia or anywhere else worldwide.

A strong option is www. They have decent coverage of Malaysian sports and are a top UK bookmaker offering betting on football competitions around the world.

Both these two sites also offer betting in Malaysia ringgit currency MYR. For Super League, though, not any other Malaysian football matches, www. Using all 5 online bookies mentioned here and shopping the odds is a great way to improve your chances at making a profit betting sports.

The one and only downside to using European bookies from Malaysia is the odds format is different. At Euro betting sites the odds are called European odds, also called decimal odds. So for example if the odds are 1. Keep in mind unlike Malay odds there is no positive or negative figure.

When betting a heavy underdog the odds might be 2. Had we used Malay odds instead, 2. This act was most recently amended in and essentially makes all gambling illegal by stipulating that:. The act does also state, however, that this does not apply to any approved or licensed gambling activities — which at the time would have meant lotteries due to the act passed the previous year.

As a complement to the aforementioned exception included within the Betting Act, the Common Gaming House Act was also passed in This act meant that:.

As a means of legalising another form of gambling which had been prohibited since , the Racing Totalizator Board Act was passed in These laws do not apply to the non-ethnic Malay population but do set down the potential punishment for any Muslims found to be gambling. These punishments can differ from state to state but are typically quite harsh.

In spite of this, there does remain a significant sector of Malaysian society which supports the legalisation of sports betting. Punters who take advantage of those legal forms of gambling, however, are fortunately not charged any tax at all on winnings.

With online gambling being illegal in Malaysia, too, there is no mechanism by which the state could charge tax on that activity. There are no two ways about it; online gambling is illegal in Malaysia. Many citizens, however, do still do it and a number of notable overseas based online gambling providers do cater for Malaysian customers.