Best UFC Betting Sites for 2018

New player with big upside. Featured Betting Sites For September 1. We also look for sites that offer bets on the undercards and smaller UFC events. How can this affect your bottom line? What this means is that most fighters in the UFC are going to have a decent history of fights and therefore a solid amount of fight footage for you to review. Sao Paulo; 22nd Sep 2018

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Our list of best sites is carefully selected to balance bonus amount, cash-out speed, safety plus a host of other factors so you have best online gambling experience. Every sportsbook signup bonus and promotion on this site is tested personally so you can be sure there are no issues in claiming what you see. Compare the best offers from the the most trusted sportsbooks online in one place.

When we started out no sites explained what a parlay was or even what deposit options were available at sportsbooks. We put everything we know into our Ultimate Sportbook Guide going in-depth into:. Our authors have decades of online betting experience. In addition to writing about and rating top gambling sites, our free sports betting picks, odds and tips are here to help you place smart wagers. We host an active community of thousands of sports bettors. Join us on Facebook to participate in great contests, win amazing prizes, and get the low-down on the latest picks, tips, and updates.

Ultimate Guide to Sportsbooks When we started out no sites explained what a parlay was or even what deposit options were available at sportsbooks. We put everything we know into our Ultimate Sportbook Guide going in-depth into: Over 50 years of experience.

We've been featured in: College September 14, NBA Basketball September 13, When you win money sports betting, you deserve to get paid quickly and reliably. We examine the sites for their industry reputation, track record, licensing and regulation, payment systems and processes, and any and all customer feedback and complaints we can get our hands on.

That factor needs to always be number one in your decision-making process above all else on this list. You may or may not be aware that you can bet on a lot more than just the winner of a particular fight in the UFC. Other sites, though, will offer prop style bets on the fights allowing you to have the ability to leverage other predictions that you might have.

However, if they offer prop style bets, you can bet that the fighter is going to win the fight by submission and take advantage of that prediction. Remember, making correct predictions like that typically pay off at a much higher rate due to the specificity of the bet. We also look for sites that offer bets on the undercards and smaller UFC events. Some sites will only touch the main cards and the big ticket events. We want sites that allow you to bet on the entire card if you want to as well as some of the smaller events like the UFC Fight Nights and such.

The bottom line here is flexibility. While you might not take advantage of all of the different prop bets, you at least want to have them at your disposal when you have a prediction that needs to utilize them. Thankfully, most online sports books have fairly high betting and transaction limits. Usually, the limits are high enough to accommodate even some serious sports bettors, though, we wanted to mention this just in case.

One thing that we look for are sites that have higher betting and transaction limits available in case you are a big bettor or someone who bets on the UFC for a living. Most sites are extremely accommodating, but there are a few that are behind the curve. Since the last factor only affected a few of you, we wanted to follow it up with an extremely important one that is going to affect UFC bettors of all levels.

Whether you are betting a few bucks or a boat load of money, you need to be betting on a site that is user-friendly. You may be surprised to learn that this is not only important for your experience but can affect your bottom line as well.

First, what is the user interface? The user interface refers to how the site is laid out and how easy they have made it to place your bets and accomplish everything that you want. Placing a bet on any sports betting site should be quick and easy and should not require a computer engineer to figure out. How can this affect your bottom line? Save yourself this head and heartache and find a site with a great user interface.

Again, fights should be easy to find, bets should be easy to locate, the odds should be well laid out in all formats, and you should be able to get your bet in with no headache quickly.

Here comes the tough love. Bonus programs are great and all, but they should be viewed as the cherry on top. They should be the last thing you look at when you are trying to pick out a new betting home.

The reason for this is that a lot of sites that fail in the above categories will employ lucrative and juicy bonus programs to try and distract you from their underlying issues. Does this mean a site with a great bonus program is bad? But it is something that can easily cloud your judgment and needs to be looked at last.

The answer is that the bonus is therefore worthless. Take our advice here, please. We find that the different levels of offerings fall into three main categories. Some sites are only going to offer action on the main events or Championship fights. These sites will never offer action on the entire card and certainly will offer no action on the smaller events.

You might be thinking to avoid these sites, right? Well, not so fast. Sites like this are going to have the most uneducated betting public usually. This means that you stand to find a lot of lines that are moved and swayed by the public perception. If you know anything about the betting public as a whole, you know that they are not regarded as being the smartest betting block. We recommend having an account on these sites and checking them every fight just in case the odds are amazing.

The simplicity and lack of options will give you a simpler to navigate experience.