O'Sullivan Victorious In Shanghai

Keep up the good work. If you aren't able to keep your balance, reevaluate your stance and shooting motion. At first, you should probably keep it close for better striking. Reply back with your average breaks. Just found your site and want to improve my game. Press question mark to see available shortcut keys

O'Sullivan Retains Shanghai Masters Crown

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Thanks so much Steadwick. I have since improved my game. Would you like to see additional videos like this one? What area specifically would you like to me to focus on? Hi, Like your video with commentary very much. Thank you for the analysis of the thoughts and cue actions. Yes you sir are trying to answer the question: Very kind words and I really do appreciate it!

Most def there is nobody like Ronnie. Regarding point 2, in nearly every big break there is always going to be hard shots which will make or break the run. Breakbuilding is crucial to your success in snooker and other cue sports. The best way to win in cue sports is to clear up all the balls. If you go on Youtube you will see what a century break looks like..

Blog - Latest News You are here: These three colors never move. They are always replaced in the same position. The reds, however, are navigation balls. The reds help you get on the next color. With obvious shots, its easy to pick out what the color should be. So for example, a straight in red, stun run, and get a black. These reds are easy to pick out. Sometimes, you can go up for a blue, and other times, drop it in for a black.

The choice to make here for a color are less clear and they change depending on what kind of stroke, potting ability, and style you choose. Breakbuilding is based upon known rules, but there is also a lot of room for interpretation on ball selection. When breakbuilding, you need to consider BOTH cue ball position and ball selection. They go hand in hand. How you execute shots and what kind of shot you mostly choose is important to understand. What kind of stroke are you most likely to use and are most comfortable with will dictate what your breakbuilding looks like.

Regarding your question, I would suggest that option B is the choice for me. There is a narrow margin within which you can position the cue ball. If you WERE on a , is it suddenly more appropriate to go for another black even though under other circumstances you would never do this?

The key thing to realize is that your ability to move the cue ball around is directly proportional to the size of your toolbox. How many different ways can you execute a shot and get both pot and position? Reply back with your average breaks. The question you ask is from someone that understands the game to some level. Thanks a ton for the feedback. My highest break on Wiraka M1 table is but my average break is not more than 30 most of the time.

Its because my game is not driven with strategy. Since now, I decided to take my game to next level, I would like to apply some strategies and techniques and fortunately I found your web site of great help to me. I will keep posting about my progress by applying the precious suggestions by you and will keep you updated with my ease on break builiding.

What will help is seeing you on video. I ask everyone that comments to provide some videos showing me their game. One tip you can start thinking about is looking for red ball clusters. The first and most important cluster to remove if possible is around the black. If the black is open to both pockets, this greatly increases your winning percentage. The next most important are the ones that would hamper your ability to pot the black.

So for example, reds that are half way between the black, pink, and side cushion. These are in the way and need to be removed so that you can cue the black and pink into the side properly. These reds dont look like trouble, but they will slow or prevent a break. The third group of reds, once these first two are removed, are the reds in the cluster.

Now, given these rules, there are no hard and fast rules. Sometimes, you can break the cluster while still managing the first and second cluster set. One thing I highly recommend is to find yourself five extra blue balls and using them on the colors when in practice. This makes you focus more on just building a break, rather than favoring the black over the other colors. The game is based on logic, scoring, and consistency and staying on the table as long as you can. The breaks will come later when you start strategizing on ball selection, which it seems you are.

This has to be the best explanation of missed shots study that i have come across in literal form. I am Francis and Im from India about 64 yrs old playing averrage snooker with break in a game. I am trying to incorporate the back pause in my cueing and this has negatively affected my game. I also have a problem playing the right angles. Can you help please. I play with snooker glasses and I have no issues.

One of the great mistakes about snooker is that you are not supposed to use the eyes for aiming. Its the back hand that delivers the cue, not the eyes. Is this something that might interest you? Blog - Latest News You are here: How to stop missing certain angles in snooker. Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion?

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As I thought… Lots of hard work Thanks Reply. Repitition will help you focus on specific areas and shots. Thanks for the comment!