Expert Horse Racing Selections - 2018 Breeders Cup Picks & Churchil Downs Full Card Tips

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You will then see my dirt selections for all turf races for the dirt track condition you have selected. Sometimes racing may come off the turf but one big turf stakes race will remain on the grass. In this case, first you select the current turf condition. Then, go to each individual turf race and you can override the surface to Dirt for the races that came off.

Simply leave the surface set to Turf for the turf races that remained on the grass. Another thing to watch for are horses that are dropping in class.

Horses that are significantly dropping in class from their last race, are usually a threat. Some examples of significant class drops are: To determine if a horse is going up or down in class, simply look at the very right of the horse's section on my picks sheet.

If you see a green down arrow, that means the horse is dropping in class. A red up arrow means moving up in class. The class comparison is based on the horse's last race on the SAME surface as the current race. You can also see the class of the last race run by looking at "Prev Race: This is simply a quick indication of the track, class, and finish position of the horse in his last race e. Of course, if you want to see the past performance in detail, view the past performance matrix. There are essentially two kinds of medication given to racehorses, Lasix and Bute.

Bute is only legal at certain tracks typically on the West Coast. Any horse that is using Lasix for the first time will almost always improve. I indicate this on my tip sheet with a special icon. On the other hand, Bute is very different. A horse either needs Bute to run well, or can't run at all with Bute. By looking at a horse's past performances, you can tell if they run better with or without Bute.

The medication column on the past performance is indicated by a 'B' if the horse was using Bute. If a horse runs well with Bute and now is off Bute I use an icon to indicate this , the horse will typically run down and run a terrible race. However, if a horse has always ran with Bute and didn't do well, the horse may run a big race the first time running without Bute. Many racing enthusiasts make the mistake of betting a particular jockey. It is true that jockeys may have significantly different winning percentages.

However, these people do not realize that the most popular jockeys also get the best mounts. A jockey cannot make a horse run better than the horse's natural ability.

Conversely, a jockey can ruin a horse's chance to win by giving the horse a bad ride. It is the case, however, that some jockeys "know" how to ride a particular horse better. By looking at the horse's past performance matrix, you can see which jockeys typically rode the horse well. I personally put minimal weight on the rider of the horse. Keep this in mind: Nevertheless, when there is a change of jockey, I highlight it on my selections form.

I show the past jockey's record at the track the horse last raced, and the current jockey's record at the current track. If the record has a star next to it, that means the data was not accurate and I had to estimate the jockey's record for that track. Trainer changes can make a big difference, especially over the span of the horse's next few races. Simply, you can compare the records between the previous and current trainers. Again, if there is a change, I highlight it on my selections form.

If the record has a star next to it, that means the data was not accurate and I had to estimate the trainer's record for that track. Big 'Uns are big payouts that you would have hit had you followed our handicapping picks. We will be publishing handicapping articles periodically on the site. Follow The Tiers This is the most important concept when reading my handicapping picks.

Handpick Your Races Although I am successful at predicting many races, it is common sense that you must be selective when choosing the races to bet.

It Takes Money to Win Money While you should handpick your races to conserve your bankroll, be prepared to commit enough money to make a proper bet when you find a race you like.

Workouts, Workouts, Workouts Besides my selections themselves, workouts are the second most important gauge of a horse's ability. Dirt Horses are either main track horses or turf horses, not both. Track Condition It always amazed me that most handicappers never take track condition into consideration. Class Dropdowns Another thing to watch for are horses that are dropping in class.

Layoffs Layoffs are important in the following two ways: Belmont horse racing handicapper offers daily horse racing tips for every race on the card. Lone Star Park Tips. Lone Star Park horse racing handicapper offers daily horse racing tips for every race on the card.

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